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Riverside Church has joined the Tim Tebow Foundation in celebrating people with special needs!

Feb 9th

6 - 9 pm


What is Night to Shine?

Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience centered on God’s love for people with special needs ages 14 and older. On this one-night, churches from around the world host Night to Shine for honored guests with the support of over 200,000 volunteers every year! Check out the Night to Shine Highlight Videos below.

Night to Shine 2020 & 2022 Recap

NTS 2023
NTS 2022


Join the Night to Shine (Victoria, TX) Facebook Group page to stay up to date on all announcements. 
This page is for volunteers, parents of Honored Guests, Honored Guests, & interested volunteers.



Stephen Green- Background Check Information

Text: 361-648-2082

Melissa Medina - Guest & Parent concerns

Text: 361-894-5240


Trish Castro - Volunteer & Registration

Text: 361-433-3261

Dawn Rivera - Sponsorship & Prom attire

Text: 361-649-4325

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About Riverside Church

We are a church reaching the Crossroads community in South Texas. Our church has seen many transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. We have weekly services where you'll experience passionate worship and an encouraging sermon from our pastors.  We are excited to be hosting this year's Night to Shine in South Texas.

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Donate Prom Attire

We will be accepting donations for Prom Attire. Click the link to find out how you can help.


Sip & Shine Cafe

Sip & Shine is a cafe located in Victoria, Tx and has a passion to serve the special needs community by providing jobs for them. When you come to Sip & Shine Cafe, you will see a smiling face ready to make you a drink. We have an amazing leadership team that is equipped to serve alongside workers. It's our goal to shine a light on our community through Sip & Shine Cafe and see every customers day brighten!


*This is a ministry of Riverside Church and all proceeds go towards our special needs Shine On Ministry and Night to Shine Victoria.

See more from this amazing night!

Victoria 2023 Gallery


Why Night to Shine?

It's more than just one night.



Night to Shine celebrates the uniqueness of each individual guest by providing an unforgettable night where they are welcomed, valued and loved!

“When I was at one of the proms last year, a beautifully dressed queen of the prom was hugging me when the girl’s mom leaned over and whispered with tears in her eyes, ‘My daughter will never get married and she will never have children, but tonight you made her feel like a princess!’”

– Tim Tebow

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Sharing God's Love

Night to Shine shares the joy that is found in God’s love for each and every person.

“From the moments the guests of honor reached the front door to the smiles on their faces as they were greeted and walked down the red carpet, it was obvious that the joy of the Lord was in each of their hearts.”

– Peggy Hyland, Volunteer for Christ’s Church at Mason in Ohio


On Going Love

and Support

Following Night to Shine, we have been encouraged to see countless churches develop continued programs for people with special needs.

Through Night to Shine, we hope people with special needs realize that their church can be a place where they are loved and feel welcomed.


Riverside Church


108 Cozzi Circle Suite H

Victoria, TX

*Night to Shine will not be at this location


Night to Shine Partners

Global Partners


Thank you to our Night to Shine Partners!

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